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Covid Protections


As we navigate our new normal, we know that consumer buying behavior has changed. Consumers are likely to reward businesses who allow them to interact and transact in new and unconventional ways. Review our recommendations for success below, based on a compiled list of best practices.

Review the CDC's top 10 tips to protect employees health.

In-store Interaction

  • Be intentional about practicing social distancing
  • We have created a no handshake zone
  • We have disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies readily available
  • We will clean and sanitize on a routine basis and following after each use of merchandising, samples and any customer facing spaces

Day of Service: Best Practices

  • Our employees will carry disinfectant spray and disposable¬† wipes, hand sanitizer and a trash bag
  • We will wear PPE, practice social distancing, limit contact with individuals and frequently touched surfaces
  • We will only enter the home once cleared by the customer and after we ask the customer to self-certify their personal wellness
  • We will wash or sanitize hands and equipment at the beginning and end of each service

Protect Yourself + Your Team

  • Practice good health by taking vitamins, getting adequate sleep and checking temperature regularly
  • Wash your hands and use tissues when you cough, sneeze or touch your face
  • Be mindful of where you may access facilities to use soap and water during your day