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living room with grey furniture on vinyl floor

Elevate Your Space with FirmFit Matte

Where Durability Meets Matte Elegance!

FirmFit Matte collection brings you the ultimate natural matte look into your interior. Featuring our patented NaturTrend Finish, a revolutionary finish that keeps it matte look from any angle, consistent even after major wear and tear! By far, the closest a vinyl floor has ever come to having a real oiled hardwood look. With it’s improved stain and traffic resistance, FirmFit Matte is ideal for busy households and large commercial installations.

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modern open kitchen with white cabinets and bar top

Benefits of Vinyl

Everyone loves the look of hard-surface floors. wood, for example, is beautiful and comfortable, conveying a natural, easy luxury. tile and stone floors have the same appeal.

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living room with dark furniture on vinyl floor

Care & Maintenance of Vinyl

Please be sure to reference your vinyl floor warranty for specific care requirements! For your general information, however, here are some basic tips and facts.

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young couple laying on empty floor


Today’s Vinyl flooring (also called Luxury Vinyl Flooring, or LVF) is like a chameleon—designed to replicate the world’s most beautiful wood, stone, and ceramic flooring with amazing realism. But unlike those floors, you can put it almost anywhere. Now we have gone one step further with our new Enhanced Vinyl Plank—Floorté.

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person installing a vinyl sheet

Installation of Vinyl

You want a problem-free installation and, to help ensure it, here’s a checklist of things to do before the installer arrives.

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silhouette of person mopping

Vinyl Sheet Cleaning

Follow these simple cleaning tips to help keep your flooring looking great!

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living room with white chair and light vinyl floors

Vinyl Sheet Construction

We start with OptiClean™, our quick-clean finish designed to add an extra boost of stain resistance. Next is the photographic layer which showcases realistic images of natural wood, stone and tile with stunning definition.

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person installing a vinyl sheet

Vinyl Sheet Installation

There are a number of reasons why DuraTru offers ease of installation. Here are just a few!

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