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Why does it matter where one purchases carpet?

Why should someone buy carpet from you instead of your competitors? We are the leaders for over 42 years and provide excellent customer service.

What is the value of having carpet in a room?

Carpet makes your room feel warm and welcoming.

In your own words, tell us about the hygienic properties of carpet? Can it help those with allergies?

All synthetic fibers that are man made fiber like nylons are hypoallergenic carpets. Wool, is a natural fiber and if their are any allergic reactions it would come from that fiber.

How much is the noise level reduced with carpet in comparison to other flooring types?

75% sound reduction the carpet and padding as a separation between noise level and floor.

How has carpet changed over the last several decades?

Style color, fibers, and pet resistant backing.

Why do your customers choose carpet over other flooring types? How does it differ from other flooring?

Depending on the location would determine a selection of consumer for example in a basement you might be looking for a water proof floor, vs. bedroom were you would look for warm, insulation, sound reduction be different carpets.

What needs to be considered when choosing between different carpeting options?

The location.

What does the carpet installation process include? How long does it take? Why should a customer use you instead of a "do-it-yourself" approach? Impact on warranties?

Because we have professional carpet installers that are fully insured.

Do you (or can you) set up the disposal of old carpet? Is there a charge?

Yes and their is a charge depending on job

What care and maintenance tips do you recommend so that each customer gets a long life out of his or her carpet?

Preventive maintenance which includes vacuuming on a regular basis and having it professionally steam cleaned once every 18 months.

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